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The ability to offer future financial projections isn’t based on latent psychic tendencies, or a crystal ball, (although that would be a laugh), more to do with years of experience in business that means they’re commercially savvy and able to advise small businesses.

Rigorously vetted to satisfy the evirtualFD standards each FD has jumped through hoops, blown our socks off, and generally established they can go all-out to ensure your financial management reports are crammed full of sound business strategyt.

breakeven accountant

Lee Turner

Lee is an experienced finance professional with a wealth of experience both in private accountancy practice and in a commercial environment as a full time FD. Lee has been successfully providing FD services to small and medium sized businesses for over 10 years, assisting clients grow and prosper with their businesses. Lee is the founder of evirtualFD and will help you manage and grow your business more efficiently and effectively. When not number crunching and advising, Lee loves any kind of sport, football, tennis, golf you name it, also a fan of real ales and Indian food and with 007 being among his favourite movie characters.

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Sian Lenegan

Sian Lenegan

Sian grew up in Zimbabwe but moved to the UK in 2003 after graduating from University with a Business Degree, to follow her family and now husband, an ex-Royal Marine. As the Managing Director of Sixth Story, a digital agency she founded in 2009, Sian met Lee who become a trusted advisor and FD to the agency. She describes herself as an entrepreneur, business owner, and a bit of a square peg, insatiably curious about why some businesses are phenomenally successful and others struggle. Her eclectic experience – from studying law, to trying to fit into corporate life, to doing time at the coalface of a large advertising firm – has led her to drive for solving operations and business problems but a passion for helping businesses uncover growth.

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