Our virtual FD service offers small businesses in depth analysis of your business and help with monitoring financial performance against a pre-determined budget, and forecasting “what if” scenarios for the future.

Goals and Objectives

We start with the end in mind by exploring your goals and objectives. Unless we have a complete and thorough understanding of your business, who your customers are, where the opportunities are, what might be creating the obstacles to your growth and what might be frustrating the productivity of the management team, there is no way our recommendations can have any real significance or relevance to you. We are definitely not a one-size-fits-all-template-type-of-service and this starts with a comprehensive understanding of your business.

Detailed Analysis

A detailed analysis of your current systems and processes helps us understand how your business operates, what success looks like, how you currently track and measure current strategy. In other words, all the KPIs. At this point we can make recommendations based on our insights and experience, especially where ‘best practice’ is concerned – it’s not our intention to reinvent the wheel or create unnecessary work. Where we can see opportunities for improved efficiency, increased productivity, and ultimately the increased profitability of your business, we’ll share them with you in a heartbeat.

Cloud Based Software

To offer superior online security, along with supporting ongoing environmental credentials, evirtualFD uses state of the art cloud based accountancy and other cool software. For businesses using traditional disc based accountancy software a comprehensive training programme has been developed to make the conversion and change over to the new systems as straightforward and as seamless as possible for all users

Management Reporting Pack

Working closely with the agreement of the business owner and the main board, a comprehensive management reporting pack will be designed to reflect the specific needs and essentials of your business, providing a valuable ‘go to’ document for the whole business. This could include full management accounts, budget v actual reports, YTD information, KPIs, divisional or geographical appraisals and overall performance analysis where necessary, tailored and made to measure for your business.

Flexible Reporting

The Management Reporting Pack is produced and delivered electronically on a basis determined by you; monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis, whatever works best for your business. This pre-determined date can then be reviewed, depending upon the growth and demands of the business.

Virtual Meeting

A virtual finance / board meeting, using either Skype or Zoom meeting is then arranged between the management team to discuss the contents of the report – this is where the FD role comes into its own – offering encouragement, feedback, solutions and strategic advice your Virtual FD is a perfect complement to your existing management structure.

You may prefer a separate virtual meeting, or a combination each month. Whatever you decide, we feel confident you will love the efficient and effortless facility this brings to your business

Future Projections

During the meeting recommendations, discussions and feedback can galvanise and inspire the team, and in the process details can get overlooked. evirtualFD will make recommendations and agree any adjustments to the future projections for the business, ensuring the details are covered and your financial plan is up-to-date.

If you are serious about growing your business, then contact us today to find out more about our evirtualFD service.