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Feed your productivity with focus

From many of our clients working in their business, we hear that pesky little word “busy” all too often. The thing is, if you’re too busy to build great systems and processes, you’ll always be too busy. 

What if being too busy means you miss the next opportunity that comes along, you miss having coffee with someone who could really add value to your life and business or you’re not working on your business and end up burnt out?  

Growing or scaling up your business doesn’t have to be tug of war with your to do list, priorities and those short 24 hours in the day. Your time and energy are your most important resource and priorities create prosperity. Our virtual FDs work with simple strategies to set you up for success, it’s easy and you can boost your productivity with three simple steps.  

#1 Write down your goals 

I know you’ve heard it before and it sounds over the top simple but hardly anyone does it. And repetition is your friend. Have you got your business goals written down somewhere where you can look at them every single day? Be honest with yourself. What are your top three goals for this year? 

An FD would help not only make sure that your goals are written down but that those are translated into targets, margins, forecasts and budgets. You need to know where you are on the map to continue your journey.

Write down your goals icon#2 Schedule 

If it’s not scheduled it’s not real. What’s your goal for the next month, year, two years or five years? If you own a business, surely there’s an end goal. You need to know exactly when and where you’ll take action to reach your goals. Another simple strategy that takes minutes but will make you massively more productive and focussed. Planning ahead for challenges or setbacks makes you prepared and less likely to be thrown off course. 

Having a mentor or virtual finance director with regular check ins can keep you accountable and make sure you’re hitting those goals and hitting those deadlines. That kind of drive to keep up momentum will make you unstoppable. You’re 65% more likely to complete a goal if you’ve committed it to someone so find that mentor, FD and set your accountability appointments.

Schedule icon#3 Make time to celebrate 

We strongly believe in positive reinforcement, when you’ve hit one of those goals and one of those deadlines – take a break, celebrate it. You’ll find every little step of the way that much sweeter when you have milestones to look forward to. 

You work hard and you should enjoy it. All too often as business owners we think we’re not doing enough or think about how much more we should be doing. Stopping to celebrate the achievements, big and small reminds you just how much you are doing and how far you’ve come. 

Wouldn’t we all love a slightly slower paced and more rewarding life? 

If a virtual fd can help you set up those goals, be your accountability partner and help with systems and processes to free your time and get you firmly on the road to success contact us anytime.

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