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Advisory 1st, Accountancy 2nd

It’s easy to identify accountancy. It’s a function in every business, big or small and often viewed as something that ‘has to be done’. It should be more than numbers and compliance though. 

Warren Buffet says, “All games have a language. If you don’t speak the language, you can’t play the game. Everything has a language. Everything has a scoreboard. If you can’t read the scoreboard, you don’t know the score.”

The scoreboard of business is not accounting; it’s financial fluency. Accounting is just the report card that you need to see the story. 

At evirtualFD, we’ve worked hard on the systems and processes to automate the compliance piece, reducing time spent on paper pushing so that our virtual FDs can add value. Whether we take on your accountancy or continue working with your existing firm, advice and strategy for growth and success comes first.


Every business owner dreams of a profitable company that will secure a better future for themselves and their family. However, the insight required to create that kind of success usually comes from having an experienced financial director on board. And that’s a cost most small and medium-sized businesses simply can’t justify.

A deeper understanding of the scoreboard will lead to better decisions, overcoming obstacles and ultimately leads to sustainable growth. We start with the end in mind to explore your goals and objectives, opportunities and possible obstacles to growth.

Strategy for success

We don’t have a template or a one size fits all approach as every business has its own set of complexities, goals and challenges. What we do have are a set of carefully crafted packages that can be tailored to your end goal.

We start by creating strategies that will improve operational efficiency, putting you in control of your cash, protecting your profits. This all is then fed into the scorecard we should be keeping and creating budgets to work towards. One of our goals is to save small and medium businesses from the £7 billion in unnecessary tax payments being made! We can normally find a few quick wins that will improve the numbers on your scorecard.

Plan and execute

Armed with insight and a plan, it’s time to execute. If its cash flow that’s keeping you up at night, we start by implementing our 90 day cash flow challenge or we can look at the business plan to help you make efficiencies; we will be with you every step of the way to plan and execute. We can be involved as much or as little as you need us to be and working with your existing accountant or taking over your statutory filings.

Why not call evirtualFD today so you can take us for a free test drive?

Are you paying for more than your fair share of tax, is your company structure right, could you benefit from cash accounting, should you consider moving to Xero, how can you automate some of your workflow, how can you boost your profits and really get to know your numbers?

One free online session to go through the things keeping you up at night is on the house, completely complimentary. Or if you’d like us to really kick the tyres and spend some time letting us give you actionable insights to improve your business, we offer that for a risk-free £995 plus VAT one-off fee. Risk free – meaning if we don’t find you a tax or cost saving of the equivalent, it will be refunded to you no questions asked.

Email getfluent@evirtualfd with your name, company name, telephone number, an idea of what’s keeping you up at night and ‘Test Drive’ in the subject line. We’ll be in touch to arrange a call with a virtual FD.