At evirtualFD, we have been using cloud based software since 2011, one of the first accounting firms to do so in the UK. We could see the benefits immediately, and in recent years, most accounting firms now have to offer some form of cloud based accounting software, forced to by the introduction of Making Tax Digital by HMRC.

Rather than try and be a jack of all accounting software, we have deliberately chosen to be a master of one! We use Xero, and only Xero, the product that we believe is still the best cloud accounting software on the market for SME’s. In fact, we only deal with clients that are already using, or will switch to use Xero once they come onboard with us because we know everything there is to know about Xero and how to best use it to help you get the most from your business.

Some of the many benefits of using cloud based software are that its easily accessible from anywhere, no back ups required, real time information which links to your bank, enables you to get paid faster, invoice on the go with the mobile app, real time collaboration with your adviser, integrate with other add ons and software, plus many more features and benefits.

Visit our listing in the Xero directory here and you can watch our short introduction too.


Other Software Tools of Choice

There are literally thousands of bits of software on the market today. We have reviewed many solutions and below are a selection of the ones we have partnered with to provide clients with added efficiency to streamline business processes.

Hubdoc – document and data capture software which integrates seamlessly with Xero.

With Hubdoc, capturing your financial documents is easy. You can take photos on your mobile, use email, scan or upload documents into Hubdoc. Your key documents are stored online, in one place.
Hubdoc does the data entry by reading key information from bills and receipts and turning it into usable data. Supplier names, amounts, invoice numbers and due dates are extracted for you to create transactions in Xero with the source document attached. Find out more at

Approval Max – the Number 1 tool to get your financial documents approved on time.

Streamline your workflow instead of sending 100s of emails to get approval for accounting documents. Find out More at

GoCardless – easy and effortless way to collect recurring, one off and variable payments from customers worldwide. Find out more at

We will quickly identify during our onboarding process whether your business will benefit from additional software tools in addition to the core accounting software. We don’t provide software for the sake of it, only if it will benefit you and you and your business.

Are we able to put logos and images on this software page or is it just text only? You have the Xero logo you can use, but will try and dig out other logos that you can use to brighten up this page a bit!